Chevelure Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chevelure?

Chevelure is a 2-Step odor cleansing system for synthetic and human hair wigs that cleanses and controls odors in wigs.

How do you pronounce the name? Why this name?

Che -ve- lor (naming creation stems from of course hair but the French word or hair – Cheveux and the ‘lure’ of great looking hair

Why a wig odor treatment?

Wigs are an accessory for a vast number of women (and men). As it can be and is worn daily and is integral to a person’s appearance. Since a wig is worn daily it can also develop an odor (from body moisture or sweat). Instead of masking the odor our CTO and chemist team were able to create a formulation that when applied in a 2Step treatment Step 1:Cleanse removes odors from the wig cap, Step2: Control then adds further protection to the wig cap, to help prevent odors caused from moisture, mildew, fungus, from recurring.

How do you use the Chevelure 2 step odor cleansing system?

Simply follow the instructions on the back of Step 1 and Step 2:

Apply Step 1 Cleanse, completely wetting the total surface area that needs odor treatment*. Allow that to dry for 4 to 6 minutes (a bit longer if a very strong odor). Then apply Step 2 Control again wetting the total Step 1 treated surface area. Allow the wig cap to completely air-dry or a hairdryer on cool setting can be used to totally dry it.

What differentiates Clean Reimagined’s odor products?

It is our unique 2 Step formulation, that not only removes nasty odors with Step 1 treatment but helps prevent recurrence from Step 2 treatment creating a protective barrier layer on the surface that helps to protect and prevent against future odors caused by mildew or moisture or sweat.

About Us

Clean Reimagined is a brand division of ViaClean Technologies, with a passion for making human-friendly odor control products, a brand focused on wellness and empowering people to live healthily even while exercising and working towards fitness goals.

Clean Reimagined is committed to creating safer, cleaner and healthier products that focus on the odor elimination and control needs of all our clients. With an understanding that it’s natural for the human body to produce sweat causing odor in fitness gear, especially during workout activities, focus was honed on making safe products with advanced technologies we realized after extensive research and development.

We operate on an advanced and different odor control technology, providing persistent protection to most of life’s surfaces.

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