Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the product line named RHEIA?

RHEIA, from Greek Mythology, was a greek goddess, the wife of Cronus and Queen of Heaven. RHEIA was known as the Goddess of comfort and ease . Some also define RHEIA as the Goddess of Earth. Our company’s focus with development and advancement any of our products is the protection of life’s surfaces. The intent of these news products is to not only help protect the individual but also  choosing RHEIA as our brand for this suite of salon-grade products seems “natural”.

What are the products?

See RHEIAsalonproducts.com for details on all :

  • RHEIA Hand & Skin Barrier Cream provides a sheer (or invisible) glove that protects your hands and skin from discoloration or staining, will chapping or dry skin
  • RHEIA Hand Purifier will hydrate, moisturize and protect hands for up to 6 hours
  • RHEIA Hand & Foot Pumice Scrub has flakes of pumice stone that gently smooth away roughness while moisturizing skin leaving a light citrus fragrance
  • RHEIA Laundry Textile Treatment and Softener neutralizes and prevents offensive odors developing in a salon’s towels, robes, but also leaves the fabric with a gentle softness post washing and drying