SportFresh Frequently Asked Questions

What are the SportFresh products?

See for details on all products:

  • SportFresh 2-Step odor treatment system for sports equipment and apparel to cleanse and then control odors
  • SportFresh Hand Purifier will hydrate, moisturize and protect hands for up to 24 hours
  • SportFresh Laundry Textile Treatment and Softener neutralizes and prevents offensive odors in sports clothing and apparel

Why did we create a line of odor products?

Nasty odors can exist, especially in sweaty sports equipment and apparel!
Instead of masking the odor, much like other common odor products, we have
developed a formulation applied in a 2-Step treatment. Step 1 removes odors
from surfaces and Step 2 then adds further protection of those same surfaces to
prevent odors caused from moisture, mildew, fungus from recurring.

How do we define a surface?

We define a surface as sports equipment or sports apparel including sports
footwear such as cleats, skates or sneakers.

How is the SportFresh 2-Step odor treatment applied?

Simply follow the instructions on the back label on each product.

To use the 2 Step odor treatment:

Apply Step 1: Destroy completely wetting the total surface area that needs
odor treatment. Allow that to dry for 4 to 6 minutes (a bit longer if a very strong

Then apply Step 2: Defend spraying the total Step 1 treated surface area until
lightly damp/wet. Allow that to completely air-dry or a hairdryer on cool setting
can be used to totally dry the item.

How long does the SportFresh 2-Step treatment control any odors?

The 2 Step Odor defense treatment can control odors for up to 60 days. However,
it can be less depending on how often the equipment/apparel is used, the typical
level of perspiration of the athlete; how active of an athlete you are.

What differentiates the SportFresh odor products from other odor

It is our unique 2 Step formulation, that not only removes nasty odors with Step 1
treatment but helps prevent recurrence from Step 2 treatment creating a
protective barrier layer on the surface that helps to protect and prevent against
future odors caused by mildew or moisture or sweat.